Arranging a funeral yourself

Funerals do not have to be arranged with the services of a funeral director.

However, if you are arranging a funeral yourself you still need to:

  • Get a death certificate from the doctor at the GP surgery or hospital.
  • Register the death in the district where the death occurs.

Legal requirements

Whether you choose to arrange a burial or a cremation you are required by law to submit certain forms to the burial or cremation authority.

If you are planning a burial in private land, there are different considerations to take into account.

Please contact us to discuss exactly what is needed.

Transporting the deceased

The person arranging the funeral must arrange transport for the deceased to the cemetery or crematorium in a suitable vehicle.

They must also arrange for bearers. These must be people who are capable of carrying the deceased in the chosen container to and from the vehicle and into a chapel or to the grave. They will also need to lower the deceased into the grave if burial is chosen, we will provide lowering straps for this.

If you think you are able to arrange a funeral yourself, please consider the points below and contact us for advice.

  • The body must be suitably transported to the cemetery or crematorium in a container, clearly identifying the name and age of the deceased. The container most commonly used is a coffin.
  • If you plan to make your own container, use the smallest size possible to accommodate the deceased but strong enough to hold the weight. If you choose cremation, do not varnish or paint the container in oil paints.
  • The materials used must be such that it minimises the use of fossil fuels. Clothing of man-made fibres, shoes or rubberised items will cause smoke if cremated and should not be placed in the container. If you are in doubt please contact the crematorium staff first.