At Cardiff Bereavement Services we care for eight cemeteries around Cardiff.

If burial is your preferred choice there are new graves available at Northern, Western and Pantmawr Cemeteries.

Burials can take place in existing family graves in all of our cemeteries.

Purchasing a grave

If you have lost a loved one and would like to purchase a grave, we can either allocate you a burial plot or you can make an appointment to meet one of our staff to select a plot.

You will need to book the burial date first, either via your funeral director, or yourself, in the case of a family arranged burial.

You may wish to purchase a grave in order to plan for the future. This can form part of a Pre- Paid Funeral Plan to cover the cost of the grave, the burial and the services of funeral professionals or, you may simply wish to buy a burial plot in advance.

  • Graves can accommodate up to 2 coffin burials and 6 to 8 cremated remains caskets.
  • Grave memorials are lawn or traditional style.
  • Graves can be chosen once the burial has been booked. Please make an appointment by contacting us. If you do not contact us we will choose a grave on your behalf.
  • Graves can be purchased for future use at any time by contacting us and additional graves can be purchased at the time of a burial booking if family members would like to be buried nearby in the future. There is an additional charge for this. Please see our fees.
  • Cremated Remains graves are available at Thornhill, Western and Cathays Cemeteries. Cremated Remains graves usually accommodate up to four caskets and can be chosen as above.

Grave maintainance

As the owner, you are responsible for the safe installation, maintenance and remedial work on your memorial. Find out more about maintining your grave and our grave maintainance scheme.