Cemetery grounds maintenance

We follow a regular maintenance programme in all of our Cemeteries.

All maintenance is weather dependent and we cannot take any responsibility for plants, ornaments or any other items left in the grounds.

Following a burial

  • 14 to 21 days – floral tributes will be removed.
  • Interment date to 20 weeks later – the grave will be reviewed and topped up as necessary unless the grave is obviously being maintained by family.
  • After 20 weeks – the grave will be reviewed again and turfed or grass seeded unless it is obviously being maintained by family.
  • It can take up to 12 months, depending on ground conditions, for the grave to settle fully.

From 12 months after a burial

We will always cut the grass but should you require more individual service, there is a grave maintenance programme that can help keep the grave looking at its best.


Grave maintainance

As the owner, you are responsible for the safe installation, maintenance and remedial work on your memorial.

When the mason has completed the installation, he will detach a slip from the bottom of the permit and return it to the office at Thornhill.

We will:

  • Check the memorial to ensure that the work requested is correct and that it meets NAMM and British Standard Institution (BSI) standards.
  • Contact the mason and ask them to return and complete the work if there are any problems.
  • Update the grave record.
  • Regularly maintain the grass area outside of your memorial. (During the growing season we aim to mow the lawn twice a month and to strim around memorials monthly).
  • Periodically carry out memorial safety inspections.
  • Where required make the memorial safe or contact the memorial mason to ask them to make the memorial safe.

Grave maintenance programme

We can provide an annual grave maintainance scheme to keep a grave well maintained and cared for.

Option 1 Option 2 Option 3 Option 4 Option 5
Number of tendings 2 4 8 8 1
Cut grass on and/or around grave plot
Clear memorial of cuttings & wash with water
Halfmoon / edge up memorial
Twice per year place a wreath / flowers +£45 +£45
Spring & summer bedding planting
Cleanse and resoil once
Cost £50 £100 £170 £200 £90

As you may not always be able to visit the grave, we provide a photograph of the work undertaken each time it is done. In this way, you have personal reassurance of the work carried out.

We will place fresh flowers or a seasonal wreath on the grave twice per year.

Please specify the dates required on the application form.

Application & Payment

Payment can be made in advance by cash, cheque or debit card.

Please note that Option 3 and Option 4 only apply to Traditional Sections. Please call 029 2054 4820 to confirm details before payment.

Download the Grave maintenance application form (23KB DOC)

To apply for the Annual Grave Maintenance Scheme:

  • Carefully complete the attached application form
  • Post the completed forms to the following address:
Cardiff Bereavement Services
Thornhill Road, Rhiwbina,
CF14 9UA.