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The importance of memorials as a means of commemorating the life of a loved one; to act as a focus for grief and to form an historical record in years to come has been widely recognised.



A memorial permit application will need to be submitted prior to any work being carried out in the cemetery. This document is available from your memorial mason. All masons fixing a memorial within our cemeteries must be BRAMM registered.

The application is checked by us to ensure the correct person has signed it; this should be the grave owner. Contact us if you are not sure if you should sign. We check that the dimensions are within our regulations and that the mason is a current member of the British Register of Accredited Memorial Masons.

Once the permit is issued and the mason has completed the work, we will check to ensure the memorial is fixed on the correct grave in a satisfactory manner. A permit fee (£125) is charged for this service.

Should you wish for the memorial to be refurbished or cleaned by a memorial mason, a permit must still be applied for. We will carry out the usual checks but to encourage the maintenance of memorials, we will not charge a permit fee.

View memorial safety and maintainenace information.