Baby funerals

If your baby was born or stillborn in a hospital, there will be staff there who can help and advise you with funeral arrangements. Often, the hospital will be able to recommend a funeral director to organise a baby funeral, but you can always make the arrangements with a funeral director of your choice or directly with us.


There is no cremation fee for a child under the age of 18 and a full range of facilities in both chapels are available for you to use (although some are chargeable).

You are able to use either chapel, and service times are available morning and afternoon, Monday to Friday, and Saturday mornings (although a Saturday surcharge will apply).

The cremated remains will be available from 2 working days after the cremation.

After the cremation, many options are available to you, these include taking the remains home with you, scattering them in the Gardens of Remembrance (at Thornhill and Western Cemetery) or burying the remains into a grave.


There are specific baby burial sections available at Thornhill Cemetery and Western Cemetery, the graves in these sections will accommodate a single burial of a baby or babies.

The is no cost for burial into one of these graves and there is no fee for the grave; the placement of some mementos on the grave is permitted and if you do decide to have a memorial, you are able to purchase one through Bereavement Services whenever you are ready. You are not able to buy a memorial directly from a memorial mason to be placed on the baby section.

Once the burial has taken place, we will place a marker on the grave with the baby’s name, even if the baby didn’t need to be registered.

If you would prefer to bury your baby in a family grave or in a new grave which can accommodate future burials, there are graves available to purchase at Thornhill Cemetery, Pantmawr Cemetery and Western Cemetery. There is no fee charged at the time of the funeral for the burial of your baby and you will be able to place a memorial on the grave. When a further burial of an adult in the grave takes place, a charge will be made for the Exclusive Right of Burial and an interment fee for the adult burial.

Burial times are available morning and afternoon, Monday to Friday.

The Welsh Government can provide a grant for help with child funeral costs. Find out about the Child funeral support grant.