Cremation Services

At Cardiff Crematorium every service is unique, and we will work with you and your funeral director to ensure that your service is as individual as your loved one.

There are a number of things to think about before you contact a funeral director. If you wish to visit the chapels beforehand, please contact us and we can arrange an appointment with a member of the crematorium team.

Each service is 45 minutes in length giving each family 30 minutes in the chapel. Additional time is available in the chapel should you wish although there is a cost associated with this.

You will need to think about the time of day you wish the service to be held. If people are travelling from away, you may wish to hold the service later on in the day.

Services are available from 9am until 4.45pm.  Saturday morning services may also be available.

We understand that music plays such an important part in a funeral service.

Take some time to think about the music you would like for the funeral as this is incredibly personal, whether this is their favourite song or a piece of music that you shared together.

Generally, each service has a piece of music to enter and exit the chapel as well as other reflective pieces during the service.

We have a digital music system here at Thornhill. In partnership with Obitus we are able to ensure that you can choose from the widest possible selection of music and artists.

If you would like hymns an organ is available in the Wenallt Chapel or hymns can be played with an accompanying choir through the music system.

Visual tributes too can play an integral part to a funeral service. A unique visual tribute is available in both the chapels:


If you have a unique family recording, video or music your funeral director can upload this to Obitus or provide you with a unique Username and Password for you to do so yourself.

For friends and relatives unable to attend you can order:

  • A keepsake copies
  • A live high quality webcast or also this service with watch again.

For babies and children under 18 we provide a complimentary live webcast with free halo photo and slideshow.

How to order all music and audio visual items.

Just let your funeral arranger know what you require, and they will order everything on your behalf.

Each chapel has voile and coloured drapes which can be closed at the end of the service to conceal your view of the coffin. It is entirely up to you if you wish to have the curtains closed. It may be that the curtains being closed is too final it is totally up to you.

You will need to tell us if you would like:

  • To come into the crematory following the service and view the coffin entering the cremator.
  • The cremation to take place the same working day.
  • Any metals such as orthopaedic implants to be returned to you.
  • An additional cremation certificate for customs purposes.

On the day

Your service will take place either in the Briwnant Chapel or Wenallt Chapel.

Our chapel attendant will be waiting to greet you and your funeral director.

Our professional and caring staff will be aware of your individual requests and will have prepared the music and audio visual for you.

At the end of the service, you will be directed to an area dedicated to displaying the floral tributes for your loved one.

Your loved one will be cremated individually.

Following the cremation

There are a number of options available following the funeral.

Direct cremations

A direct cremation is an alternative to a traditional cremation funeral. This is an unattended cremation service.

The cremation takes place completely separately from any other memorial service that families and friends may wish to arrange. This service can be provided via your funeral director at your local crematorium here in Cardiff.

Here at Thornhill this low cost direct cremation funeral option is available for £500

Following the cremation, the ashes can be returned to you via your funeral director for you to hold your own remembrance event together with family and friends at a later date. At these farewells everyone including the youngest members of a family or even the family pet can get together at a time and place of meaning to the family and the deceased.

It is a good option for those people who do not wish to hold a formal funeral service or do not like funerals. Or for those who have expressed the wish that they do not want the family to hold a funeral service as such but wish their life to be celebrated in another way.